Tuffak dp polycarbonate sheets


TUFFAK DP sheet is a hard-coated polycarbonate product designed for high optical quality and exceptional durability. DP has the added benefit of a proprietary anti-reflective surface treatment that reduces glare and enhances driver visibility. The sheet is available in 0.236˝ and 0.375˝ thick with a specified direction of extrusion for proper installation.

Manufactured to meet demanding bus glazing require-ments, this product features abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and long lasting performance. The high impact strength of this product provides excellent protection against vandalism and can help reduce driver assaults. The high clarity of the glazing enables drivers to interact freely with passengers, while maintaining a high level of protection.

TUFFAK DP meets DOT/FMVSS 205/ANSI Z26.1 Item AS-4, and is NHTSA approved for use as a protective driver partition. TUFFAK DP is the addition of a proprietary anti-reflective surface enhancement onto TUFFAK DG. This enhancement to reduce visible glare does not influence the AS4 performance attributes of the TUFFAK DG substrate. The product carries a seven (7) year Limited Product Warranty against breakage for flat vertical applications. The terms of the warranty are available upon request.

  • Reduced Glare for Mass Transit Bus Fleets