PALBOARD™ Terra Climate-Neutral PVC Composite Panel

Climate-Neutral PVC Composite Panels

PALBOARD Terra is the world’s first composite panel made with unsorted household waste, diverted from landfills and recycled PVC. We utilize trash and turn it into a sustainable resource with a carbon netural zero footprint. The PALBOARD Terra substrate is a durable, sustainable, climate-neutral substrate, engineered for wide-format printing and for mechanical fabrication. Create displays & graphics that reduce their own carbon footprint.

Clearing Landfills & Conserving Resources

  • PALBOARD Terra is an ecological alternative to conventional sign & display substrates
  • Diverting unsorted household waste from landfills
  • Combining it with recycled PVC
  • We turn it into durable plastic sheets
  • Making it easy for designers to accomplish their sustainability goals

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