ePlastics offers the widest range of Engineered Polymer Chain Guides. Our unique product offering gives you the ability to customize and choose the right material solution to improve your line speeds.

  • ePlastics GF UHMW – Used for high load sliding applications with extreme impact resistance
  • ePlastics Anti-Stat UHMW – Reduces static build up. Providing excellant corrosion resistance
  • ePlastics H.O.T UHMW – Used in high temp abrasive sliding applications up to 280F providing a low COF
  • ePlastics High PV UHMW - Premium material for stick slip applications and sliding properties against metals to lubricate applications

  • Power Transmission
  • Pulp Paper
  • Automation Equipment
  • Food Processing
  • Packing and Conveying

  • Chain Guide
  • Belting Wear Pads
  • Corner Tracks
  • Profiles

For other applications contact the experts at 858-560-1551 or info@eplastics.com