ePlastics houses the raw materials and capabilities to support the alternative energy industry and your company's efforts to go green. Whether you need an ultra-durable substrate, UV resistant material or would simply like to purchase repurposed/recycled plastics, we have you covered.

  • Solar Power
    • Lenses
    • Pivot Bearings
    • Trackers
  • EV
    • Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)
    • Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)
    • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)
    • NVH products (noise, vibration, harshness)
  • Wind Turbine Parts
    • Gearbox Oil Ring
    • Gearbox Ring
    • Drive Train Components
    • Slip Ring
    • Yaw Pad
    • Roller & Slide Bearings
    • Rotor Lock
    • Rotor Break