Plexiglass Plastic

Plexiglass, Plexiglas, Lucite, Acrylite, Perspex, Optix brand plexiglass acrylic plastic sheet and more! You can purchase a sheet size nearest to your need, then we can Cut to Size to your final size. Just enter the sizes you need when ordering.

We have organized the Plexiglass section by type, and application - click on in and enter the world of ePlastics On Line. Authorized Plexiglas Dealer since 1948 - yes, even back in the 40's the founder of Buck Knives was buying Plexiglas from Ridout Plastics to make decorative knife handles!

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We stock a wide variety of Plexiglass acrylic plastic sheets, shapes, and textures. We are one of USA's largest Independent Plastics Distributor & Fabricator. We stock all major brands of acrylic sheet: Plexiglass sheet, Acrylite, Lucite, and Optix as well as a variety of specialty colors and textures such as Frost Plexiglas.

Our cutting and shaping capabilities are our core competency. From our 10' x 10' CNC controlled saws to our smallest CNC routers - When others can't...We Can!

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Plexiglas® sheet is a versatile material that has many residential, commercial, industrial, and professional uses. Major Plexiglas® sheet applications fall into such categories as architectural glazing, retail display, signs, lighting, noise reduction, industrial guards, restaurant fixtures, and document preservation. The listing that follows is merely a sample...

Architectural glazing, trade show exhibits, Plexiglass skylights (Plexiglas® G sheet), map/photo covers, dome skylights (Plexiglas® sheet G), art/document preservation, vehicle glazing, electronic equipment panels, framing medium, infrared windows, machinery glazing, brochure/ad holders, safety glazing, lenses, retail display fixtures and cases, pediatric incubators, point-of-purchase displays, industrial safety guards, noise shields, lighting fixture diffusers, Plexiglass splash guards, outdoor luminous signs, transparent tanks, street lighting shields, transparent lids, restaurant sneeze guards, transparent equipment, food containers, models, restaurant trays, demonstration windows & housings, tabletop covers, Plexiglass child-proofing railings and balconies.... and 1000's more.

Our Plexiglass cutting and shaping capabilities are our core competency. From our 10' x 10' CNC controlled saws to our smallest CNC routers - When others can't...We Can!

Precision Cut to Size Plexiglass Service available!

Clear Lucite®, Acrylite®, Plexiglas®, Perspex® Acrylic Sheets

Plexiglass sheet - Acrylic sheet is an attractive alternative to glass for several reasons: it offers excellent optics, it's light in weight and it's easy to fabricate. The clear Paper Masked Plexiglass acrylic sheets can be cut to the size you need. Please call any of our industrial salesmen for a quote! Plexiglass Sheets larger than 48" x 96" will be sold full sheet only. The sheet can then be cut down to size for you! PM, stands for Paper Masked & FM, stands for Film Masked. The material is identical just different coatings. CCM is a Cell Cast acrylic and LM stands for Lucite® Masked, which is also a cell cast acrylic sheet.

Mirrored Plexiglass Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic mirror offers a combination of the lightweight, excellent shatter-resistant qualities of acrylic plastic with reflectance. Acrylic mirror should not be used where precise image reflectance is required, except in relatively small components.

Plexiglass Acrylic mirror is not recommended for outdoor use.

Plexiglass Acrylic mirror is intended primarily for relatively small areas - interior applications for decoration, display, and/or where safety considerations require the break resistance of acrylic sheet.

The mirrored acrylic comes in 48" x 96" sheets and is sold in 48" x 48" increments. Please call for pricing on the 48" x 48".

To apply this material to a wall or board, use a water based contact cement. Any other type will ruin the mirror backing. You can also use screws or a double faced tape to apply it.

Enhanced Plexiglass Acrylic Sheets

We use the word "enhanced" to highlight the features of these products:
• Bullet Resistant Plexiglass - Is 1.250" thick or more (search for "bullet" for more products)
• Ultra-Violet Filtering Plexiglass - protects fine art
• Ultra-Violet Transmitting Plexiglass - lets you get a tan
• Infra-Red Transmitting Plexiglass - allows a video camera to tape thru "black" plastic!
• Abrasion Resistant Plexiglass - keeps the material from getting small scratches in high traffic installations
Clear and Colored Plexiglass Acrylic Rod and Tube
All clear and colored acrylic rod, acrylic tubing, acrylic profiles (square rod, square tube, strips, L-angle) are now available for immediate purchase on our web store.