California Resale Certificate

A California Sales Tax Exemption form is required at the time of purchase. This is the obligation of each customer (as a California reseller) to notify ePlastics® at the time of purchase. We do not refund sales tax. If you do not submit your Sales Tax Exemption form in time, then you are allowed to file for a refund when preparing your monthly or quarterly BOE sales tax filing.

California Resellers:
California state requires all residents claiming resale tax exemption to fill out the California Resale Certificate (BOE-230). Just sending your "Seller's Permit" certificate issued by the state will not exempt you from sales tax.

All shipments to a destination in the state of California will have sales tax added. In order to be considered sales tax exempt, all appropriate tax forms must be received at the time of purchase of merchandise or we have to collect the state sales tax.

Please print and complete the form below and fax it to ePlastics®, along with a copy of your Seller's Permit. ePlastics® fax number is (858) 560-1941.

Enter your Resale # in the Comments box during checkout so we have it on record at the time of sale.

Resellers must register an account at time of purchase and cannot checkout as a "Guest Shopper".