ePlastics® Terms and Conditions

ePlastics® does everything possible to ensure that your order is delivered on time and in excellent condition. In our continued effort to provide custom solutions, some orders will require special cutting, labor, and/or shipping attention. Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully. By placing an order with ePlastics®, you agree to these Terms & Conditions, and understand that they are subject to change, with the most recent version always viewable on this website.


Applicable sales tax is added to online orders upon checkout as a unique line item.

We collect sales tax on pre-shipping totals for shipments in the United States

A resale certificate or exemption form is required at the time of purchase for tax exemption. This is the obligation of each customer to notify ePlastics® at the time of purchase. We do not refund sales tax. If you do not submit your Sales Tax Exemption form in time, then you are allowed to file for a refund when preparing your monthly or quarterly BOE sales tax filing.

Resellers must register an account at time of purchase and cannot checkout as a "Guest Shopper".

Labor is taxable in California. Military and Government purchases may be exempt and tax will be removed prior to fulfillment if you note this in the comments sections of checkout.

If you create an account, your resale certificate will be saved. You must submit a new resale certificate if you create a new account.

Pricing & Products

ePlastics® prices are subject to change. Prices are in US dollars. Pricing, photographic and typographical errors are subject to correction.

Material Certification

Material certification requests need to be done at the time the order is placed and it may add to the lead time of fulfillment.

Order Processing

All orders submit to ePlastics® will immediately receive an order confirmation email with the details of the order. Standard orders are processed and shipped within 2-3 business days. Cutting adds one additional day to the process. Any order that has an issue that prevents processing will be sent an email advising of the issue. Any order that is placed on hold will be advised via email that the order is on hold. If an order is put on hold to await a response, no further action will take place by ePlastics® until a response is received in writing from the customer advising how to proceed. If a response is not received in writing in a timely manner, the order will be voided.


Items ordered may not be immediately available and are subject to backorder. If an item is temporarily out of stock, ePlastics® may backorder that item and ship the remaining items immediately. No additional shipping will be charged to the customer for shipping backordered items separately. If we expect delivery of the backordered item(s) within approximately two (2) weeks then we may ship your entire order together upon receipt of the backordered item. ePlastics® will attempt to notify the customer of the backorder at the email address listed in their account. The customer can cancel the backordered items and request a refund at any time prior to the order being shipped. See Cancellations, Returns & Refusal of Goods.

Shipping and Delivery

All orders must have a shipping method that matches its final package size. ePlastics® is not responsible for order delays developed from picking the wrong shipping method. Any questions regarding the shipping methods should be directed to ePlastics® in advance to prevent any delays. Freight charges are to be paid in accordance with the delivery terms detailed in the Shipping Method Guide.

The recipient of an order is required to have a dock and/or forklift, with forklift extensions when necessary, and the ability to unload palletized materials. Orders with material longer than 96" will require special instructions for unloading, as it may not fit on a lift-gate. Receiver may not be allowed to enter the delivery truck to hand unload the material if a forklift is not available. All additional fees incurred for accessorial charges will be passed on to the purchaser of the order. White glove services are available for an additional cost, and must be arranged in advance.

Customers are responsible for offloading material when selecting shipping options "D-Sheets up to 48x96" and "E-Sheets over 48x96". Deliveries must be signed for and inspected.

Please let us know in order comments if you would like to request a non-standard or limited delivery times.

If the customer requires expedited shipping, a written request must be sent prior to the shipping the order. The expedited shipping fee will be emailed to the customer for verification and a response must be received in writing in order to proceed. If a response is not received, the order will be cancelled. Express pickups are only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Once an order has shipped, the ground transit time is based on the delivery location. All ground transit times, whether small package or freight, are estimated and not guaranteed. If the customer requires their order by a specific date or deadline, ePlastics® must be notified in writing in advance. See paragraph above regarding expedited shipping.

All remnants will be cut to fit within shipping method selected.

When shipping to Canada, customers are responsible for all applicable duties and taxes. In addition to the posted charges, you MAY be assessed local customs and duty or GST taxes and you are responsible for locating your own brokerage service.

Order Issues/Damages

ePlastics® makes every effort to package and ship quality material that satisfies the needs of each individual. Should any material not meet the specific requirements of the customer, ePlastics® requires written correspondence within 3 business days of receipt stating the issue, as well as pictures documenting said issue. Once an email is received regarding an issue of non-conformance, a reply email will be sent to confirm receipt and advise corrective actions to move forward.

If an order was shipped via a freight carrier and is damaged upon receipt, it must be documented at the time of delivery in order to file a damage claim. Using terms such as “subject to inspection”, “unable to inspect” or any variation of these is not valid for damage and is not accepted as proof of damage by any freight company. If you are unable to inspect at the time of delivery, you must let us know prior to the delivery so we can make alternate arrangements. If an issue arises during delivery, call us while the delivery driver is still on site. We must receive pictures of the packaging and the damaged material within 3 business days of receipt. If your shipment was delivered via small pack and a signature was not required, pictures of the packaging and the damaged material must be sent to ePlastics® within 3 business days of receipt. It is the responsibility of the buyer to keep any damaged material and packaging until it is decided that the order is acceptable or you have been advised how to proceed by ePlastics®. The damaged material and packaging be made available for inspection upon request or the claim will be denied by the freight company. Without all of these items, the damage claim will be denied.

When shipping on your own account you assume all responsibility for the shipment including but not limiting to bearing the cost of freight/shipping charges, owning goods in transit and files any damage or loss claims (if any).

Customers requesting replacement material for damaged goods received usually ships within 1-2 business days once all required information and pictures are provided. Customer requesting full refund for damage goods will not be given a refund until the damage claim is settled with the carrier. This process can take anywhere up to 90 days for the carrier to resolve the claim. If your order requires cutting, it is a custom order. The minimum cutting charge must be added to your order to proceed without delay. Custom orders may not be cancelled or returned after the material has been cut.

Nominal Sizing Increments

Plastic sheet, rod, and tube are produced in a variety of standard stock sizes. ePlastics® offers incremental pieces from these standard stock sizes using a cutting process. All of our smaller sheets are cut from master sheets and come nominal in size. The saw blade path removes 0.200" of material from the increment you purchase. For example, we list an increment as being 12" x 12" and after cutting the size may be 11.80" x 11.80". Another example would be a 48" x 48" - it may be 48" x 47.80" after cutting. Rod and tube may also be 0.200" less due to the cutting process. All of our smaller sheets are cut from master sheets and come nominal in size.

When you enter a cutting list for us, we cut to those exact dimensions. Please remember to allow for the saw blade path in calculating the yield you need.


Payment is due in full at the time the order is placed unless otherwise specified. ePlastics® only accepts credit cards that have a US billing address. Any error in the payment information entered by the customer will delay the order. Other options of payment may include check, money order, wire transfer and PayPal, however those orders must be placed directly with an ePlastics® sales representative.


Terms of shipment will be considered FOB origin unless otherwise specified.

Cancellations, Returns & Refusal of Goods

If the customer needs to cancel an order, they must send their request in writing. The cancellation request must be received and acknowledged prior to the order being shipped. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the cancellation request has been received prior to the order being shipped. When the cancellation request is received, it will be processed and a credit will be issued to the card on file within two business days. 1 2

Once an order has shipped, it cannot be cancelled. If the customer receives goods that they consider to be non-conforming, not within specifications, unacceptable or otherwise unusable, they must send written notification requesting a return authorization within thirty (30) days of receipt. All goods must be returned to ePlastics® in re-sellable condition. The customer is responsible for shipping fees associated with all returned goods, as well as a 20% restocking fee. When the customer's request for a return is received, the return will be processed and the customer will receive an email response with the Customer Return Authorization (CRA) number. The CRA number listed on the Return Authorization must be included with the shipped items so ePlastics® can identify the goods when they are received. If this procedure is not followed and the shipment is refused this will delay any refund that may be given and if it arrives damaged after a refusal you will not receive any refund until the shipping claim with the carrier is settled.

When the returned goods are received by ePlastics®, they will be inspected for any damages that may have occurred in transit back. If we determine that there have been damages during transit, we will not provide refunds for damaged material. The customer is responsible for filing a claim with the trucking company that they used to get reimbursed for any and all damaged material. If the material is received in good condition, a refund will be issued to the card that was used for the order.

Extra large sheet sizes of 48"x120", 48"x144", 72"x96", 72"x120" and greater require additional packaging and special truck delivery. Depending on your facility, it could require liftgate, or White Glove delivery.which would be an additional service that the customer would need to request. Goods returned to ePlastics® without a return authorization will not be accepted and the customer will not be credited for the goods.

Anything cut down for shipping may not be returned.

If ePlastics® does not receive written notice requesting a return within thirty (30) days, goods are presumed to be accepted by the customer. 1 2

Refusing an order is not a valid way to cancel an order. If the delivery of an order is refused for any reason, the customer will be responsible for the return shipping fee incurred to return those goods to ePlastics®. Where applicable, the return shipping fee will be deducted from the cost of any re-sellable goods received back. Any excess shipping fees will be charged to the customer card on file. Any difference between the return shipping fees and the amount of re-sellable goods will be credited back to the card on file. 1 2If this procedure is not followed and the shipment is refused this will delay any refund that may be given and if it arrives damaged after a refusal you will not receive any refund until the shipping claim with the carrier is settled.

Once goods are cut to size, the customer may not cancel or refuse the delivery of the order. If a custom-cut order ships and is refused for any reason, the customer will be held responsible for the full order amount (including shipping), and all return shipping costs. The return shipping fee is non-negotiable and will be charged to the card on file. 1 2

The sheets, rods, and tubes are produced in standard stock sizes. ePlastics® offers incremental pieces from these standard stock sizes. Due to this fact any quantity 5 and above of an incremental size once they are cut, they are NON-CANCELLABLE, NON-REFUNDABLE & NON-POSTPONABLE (so if a shipment is refused for any reason you will not receive a refund).

1 Shipping fees will not be credited for cancelled/returned/refused orders. ePlastics® is not responsible for the length of time that the credit card company takes to post a credit to the customer's account.

2 NON-RETURNABLE GOODS INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: Cut to size goods, custom manufactured goods, closeouts, adhesives, resins, patio table tops, lemonade dispensers, and drink ware. Special Orders Goods manufactured/fabricated to the customers specifications are done so at customers risk. Customers shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless ePlastics® against claims by third parties of infringement of any such party's patent or proprietary rights. Limitation of Damages ePlastics® cannot be held liable for any consequential or incidental damages arising from this transaction. Warranties ePlastics® warrants that at the time of delivery, goods are in accordance written specifications, or if none is specified, in accordance with the ePlastics® standard specification for the grade or product ordered by the customer. Fitness of Use ePlastics® provides product use information as a suggestion, and does not prescribe a fitness of use for any item. The customer is ultimately responsible for the appropriate testing of materials to check use for their particular application. Privacy Policy ePlastics® automatically collects information entered with your order but will never sell or trade your personal information with anyone. Superseding Effect The terms hereof shall supersede any conflicting or additional terms of any standard form submitted to ePlastics® by the customer. Customers may not refuse or cancel an order because these Terms & Conditions were not followed. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms and conditions, please call ePlastics® at 1-800-474-3688 before finalizing your order. THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ARE AN INTEGRAL PART OF THIS SALES ORDER AND OF THE AGREEMENT OF THE PARTIES.

Thank you for choosing ePlastics.com as your plastic supplier.

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