Kynar Film

Kynar® films provide the outstanding chemical and outdoor weather resistance of Kynar® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) in a convenient, easy-to-process film. These UV-blocking Kynar® films are available in transparent and pigmented grades. For many substrates, the Kynar® film grades that incorporate Arkema's Adheflon® adhesive require no additional adhesives or surface treatments. Since Kynar® PVDF has a high fluorine content (over 59% by weight, compared to 41% for polyvinyl fluoride, or PVF), these films resist chemical attack and staining better than many other protective films.

Kynar® Films
  • Provide long-lasting protection from UV light; even with transparent films
  • Provide outstanding gloss retention and color stability
  • Resist chemicals and corrosives
  • Resist stains and graffiti
  • Shed dirt and resist bacterial growth
  • Resist abrasion and clean easily
  • Show excellent tensile and elongation properties, allowing thermoforming at high draw ratios
  • Provide tough, flexible, printable surfaces

Kynar® is a registered trade mark of Arkema Inc.

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