Videos of Plastic Fabrication

Welcome to our plastic fabrication video portfolio.

Ridout Plastics is San Diego's largest, oldest, and most respected plastics fabrication company. Founded in 1914. We have been building custom plastic fabricated items since 1945. Really!

We have a fleet of computer controlled CNC machines and tools. Many plastic manufacturing projects are still started from pencil drawings and entirely created by skilled craftsmen. It's that experience and capability that has customers satisfied and has brought Ridout Plastics many accolades over the years.

Our customers are nationwide - we have the machines, skills, and people to produce your part from your print. Bio-tech, telcom industry, cosmetic display sets, boat windows, medical dispensers, thermoformed parts, to just simple custom cut and shaped plastic sheet. If it's a part machined from plastic, we can do it. If it's a display made from plastic, we can do it.

It's really very simple - You Design, We Create! We work from pencil sketches to blueprints, producing what you want quickly, accurately, and On Time! You can even make a pencil drawing, take a picture with your phone camera, and email it to us. Of course, we prefer PDF, DWG, DXF type files.