39" X 59" Clear Worbla Sheet

Sales Unit: EA
$108 per full sheet. Please call to place order.


Similar to standard Worbla, Transparent Worbla is a thermoplastic that has similar flexibility to standard Worbla and shares the ability to reblend scraps to recycle everything. When the scraps are blended, they take on a milky, frosted look thatÍs great for using to diffuse light. You can paint the interior of your shape, leaving the high gloss finish of the plastic to remain. ItÍs also easy to restore rough areas by applying lacquer or clear nail polish to dull areas. Transparent Worbla does require a higher activation temperature of 120 degrees C or 250 degrees F so it is recommended that you wear protective gloves when heating this material. Transparent Worbla does not have the same adhesive qualities as standard, and will require more patience and time to achieve the look you want. It does, however, offer a glossy transparent finish when completed correctly. It is possible to stick Transparent Worbla to itself, but the temperature range is narrow so glue is strongly recommended.