UV Ultra Violet Filtering Plexiglass



10/14/2021 3:22 pm


Visible and Ultraviolet Light Transmission in Colorless Sheet


Plexiglas® sheet absorbs short wavelength ultraviolet (UV) energy, but transmits most of the long wavelength UV (those wavelengths just short of the visible region). The total uv energy absorbed is about 65%.

This unsurpassed UV stability gives Plexiglas® MC and G sheet superb weatherability and makes it the logical choice among plastic materials for outdoor and artificial lighting applications. The absence of visible changes in Plexiglas sheet after prolonged outdoor or artificial light exposure means that no change has taken place in the spectrophotometric characteristics of the material in the ultraviolet and visible range. Plexiglas sheet exhibits an increase in UV absorbance caused by sunlight. Most of the drop in UV transmittance of Plexiglas sheet takes place in the first two years. Absolutely no change occurs in the spectrophotometric curves of these exposed samples between 5 and 10 years outdoors. Plexiglas MC acrylic sheet absorbs 65-70% of all UV rays.

Colorless Plexiglas sheet exhibits the same excellent resistance to discoloration when exposed for 20 years or more to constantly lit fluorescent lamps, even when the Plexiglas sheet is only two inches from the lamp.

Some applications, such as document preservation, call for a filter material that absorbs more UV energy than ordinary glass but minimal visible light. Plexiglas G UF-3 and Plexiglas MC UF-5 acrylic sheet absorbs 98% of all UV rays, as well as a small amount of visible light. Plexiglas G UF-4, developed for mercury vapor lighting applications, can also be used as a protective shield. Plexiglas G UF-4 sheet does transmit slightly more UV energy than Plexiglas G UF-3 and Plexiglas MC UF-5 sheet.

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