Plexiglass Colors and Descriptions



4/10/2018 2:42 pm

Plexiglas Color Chart

Plexiglas MC Edge Color SeriesPlexiglas Frosted VersionCyro Equivalent
Plexiglas MC 3215 BluePlexiglas Frosted 3237 Blue6143-7
Plexiglas MC 3216 RedPlexiglas Frosted 3230 Red2148-8
Plexiglas MC 3217 RedPlexiglas Frosted 3231 Red2143-7
Plexiglas MC 3218 YellowPlexiglas Frosted 3238 Orange3124-9
Plexiglas MC 3219 OrangePlexiglas Frosted 3239 Yellow2147-8

Plexiglas MC Fluorescent ColorsPlexiglas Frosted VersionCyro Equivalent
Plexiglas MC 3152 BluePlexiglas Frosted 3171 Blue6157-9
Plexiglas MC 3190 GreenPlexiglas Frosted 3168 Green5143-8
Plexiglas MC 3191 RedPlexiglas Frosted 3169 Red2150-5
Plexiglas MC 3192 RedPlexiglas Frosted 3170 Red2149-4
Plexiglas MC 3193 OrangePlexiglas Frosted 3236 Orange3127-7
Plexiglas MC 3194 YellowPlexiglas Frosted 3207 Yellow4073-8
Plexiglas MC 3201 BluePlexiglas Frosted 3207 Blue

Plexiglas MC ColorsPlexiglas Frosted Version
Plexiglas MC 2515 GrayPlexiglas Frosted 3160 Gray
Plexiglas MC 2540 BronzePlexiglas Frosted 3161 Bronze
Plexiglas MC 2424 BluePlexiglas Frosted 3162 Blue
Plexiglas MC 3120 BluePlexiglas Frosted 3163 Blue
Plexiglas MCPlexiglas Frosted 3164 Red
Plexiglas MC 2025 BlackPlexiglas Frosted 3165 Black
Plexiglas MC 2069 BluePlexiglas Frosted 3166 Blue
Plexiglas MC 3030 GreenPlexiglas Frosted 3167 Green
Plexiglas MC W2447 WhitePlexiglas Frosted 3172 White
Plexiglas MC ColorlessPlexiglas Frosted Colorless

Plexiglas Clear Edge Frosted One Side
Cyro Equivalent
3030 Green

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