White rouge acrylic buffing compound

Item Weight: 0.3 lb
Sales Unit: EA
White rouge buffing compound for plexiglass acrylic
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12 – 23$4.48
24 +$4.13


Plastic Buffing Compound (White Rouge)

DICO compositions are specially blended for PLASTICS for use on small wheels and are more easily applied than most commercial grades. They have a very high content of abrasive which speeds their action. It is the action of the composition carried on the face of your buffing wheel which gives the finish to the material you are buffing. Therefore, it is important for you to select a composition which has been designed to give a specific result for a specific application.

There are two different types of rouge for use on plastics.

The first is a plastic rouge which is blue in color. It is for buffing hard plastics. Excellent for edge finishing of acrylic sheets. NOT for use on soft or low melting point plastics such as polyethylene.
The second type is a white rouge. This rouge produces a brilliant high gloss finish on plastics. It is clean and greaseless and will not discolor.

•Always wear a dust mask and safety glasses when buffing.
•Work in a well ventilated area to avoid dust accumulation.
•Always hold work below center of wheel.
•Always hold work firmly.
•For best results use only one composition per buff.