Weld-On 30 490 ml

SKU: IPS30-490ML
Sales Unit: EA
Weld-On 30 490 ml cartridge and one mixing tip. 4-5 minute working time and 15-20 minute fixture time.

Accessories: Weld-On 30 Low-Resistance Dispenser Gun and Weld-On 30 Mixing Tips.
Quantity1 – 56 – 1112 +
1 – 5$76.69
6 – 11$70.99
12 +$66.17


Weld-On Structural Adhesives Outperform the Competition with These Important Advantages:
  • Multiple working times
  • Superior sag resistance
  • Greater bond strength

Weld-On® 30 Series offers multiple working/fixture times
  • Weld-On 30: 4-5 minute working time and 15-20 minute fixture time
  • Weld-On 31: 13-17 minute working time and 30-40 minute fixture time
  • Weld-On 32: 35-45 minute working time and 80-90 minute fixture time

Also, Weld-On 30 provides superior sag resistance on vertical surfaces. An advantage that’s so critical, especially on large projects.

Weld-On 30 maintains position even in high heat conditions; while some of our competitors’ adhesives will start sagging.

When it comes to bond strength, you can’t beat Weld-On 30. It performs well on all kinds of metals and plastics, even difficult-to-bond metals like carbon steel and hot-dip galvanized steel.

These three benefits of using Weld-On Structural Adhesives results in improved production processes for your company and stronger finished products for your customers. You’ll be impressed with the performance and results.