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Plexiglass Acrylic Sheets

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Plexiglass Clear Acrylic Sheet Acrylic Sheet Samples - Bronze and Gray colored acrylic sheets transparent colored acrylic sheet black and white acrylic sheet Acrylic Sheet Samples - Bronze and Gray
Clear Sheets Bronze and Gray Translucent Color Transparent Color Black & White Sample Sets
fluorescent acrylic sheet acrylic mirror sheet lucite cast acrylic sheet extra large acrylic sheet bullet resistant acrylic sheet Deglas Acrylic Glazing
Flourescent & Exotic Clear & Color Mirror Cast Acrylic Sheets X-Large Sheets Bullet Resistant Textured Acrylic
P99 P95 Non Glare Acrylic Sheets frosted acrylic sheet lucite acrylic sheet frost colors scratch resistant acrylic sheet uv filtering acrylic sheet infrared transmitting acrylic sheet
Non Glare P99 P95 Frosted Sheet Colored Frost Abrasion Resistant UV Filtering Infrared Transmitting

Plexiglass acrylic sheets - ePlastics® stocks a complete selection of clear UV resistant plexiglass, clear and colored plexiglass, infrared transmitting, UV filtering, UV transmitting, and plastic plexiglass mirror acrylic sheets in multiple sheet sizes, including but not limited to the following: 4’ x 8’, 4’ x 10’, 4’ x 12’, 6’ x 10’, 8’ x 10’. Large sheet sizes are stocked in thicknesses up to 4" thick, and can be ordered thicker for special orders. We are an authorized Plexiglas® plastics distributor and have been for over 60 years!

Thinking of purchasing plexiglass sheets at Home Depot or Lowes? Our stock is not the thin film masked material you see there, and they don't cut to size. We can deliver custom shapes, letters, unique cutouts, and have the capabilities to cut to tolerances of 0.005".

ePlastics® has been family owned and operated since their origin in 1914, and is the place to purchase plexiglass sheets. Note: Plexiglass is naturally UV resistant, does not yellow, and absorbs most of the UV spectrum. Acrylic or Perspex® sheet is the same material as plexiglass acrylic.

Have questions about ordering? View our How to Order page here.

We stock a wide variety of plexiglass, including clear and cell cast acrylic plexiglass sheet, shapes, tints, colors, non-glare plexiglass, plastic mirror and textures. We also carry all major brands of including Plexiglas®, Acrylite®, Lucite®, Perspex® and Optix®.

Our company motto - When Others Can’t, We Can - is displayed repeatedly with our custom cutting, shaping, and shipping capabilities. We have a variety of specialized machines that allow us to cut all of the material we sell into custom shapes or designs based on your ideas. We also ship color and clear acrylic plexiglass all over the world. Our shipping prices are kept low since we deliver from regional centers across the USA.

Plexiglas® acrylic sheet has been considered the standard of the industry since it was first introduced in 1931 because of its unsurpassed quality, ease of use, and wide range of colors, patterns, thicknesses, and sizes. The Plexiglas® brand is now manufactured by Arkema and has continued to expand to now include Plexiglas® G, MC, Q, T, UF and Frosted acrylic sheet formulations. Plexiglas® brand acrylic sheet is commonly misspelled in the following ways: plexiglass, plexi glass, flexi glass, and plexi-glass.

Perspex® and Lucite® are also trade names for acrylic sheet known throughout the world.

Wash plexiglass sheet with a mild soap or detergent and lukewarm water solution. Use a clean soft cloth or sponge and as much solution as possible. Rinse well. Dry by blotting with a damp cloth or chamois. We recommend SHINE or Novus polishes for finishing. Do not use: Window cleaning fluids, scouring compounds, gritty cloths, leaded or ethyl gasoline or solvents such as alcohol, acetone, carbon tetrachloride, etc. To remove tar, grease, paint, dried masking paper, etc., use a good grade of naphtha or kerosene. Users of these solvents should become familiar with their properties to handle them safely. Wash and clean in the same manner listed above.

To polish, apply a thin, even coat of a good grade of automobile paste wax (not a cleaner-wax combination) with a soft clean cloth to protect the surface of the plexiglass sheet and maintain its luster. Buff lightly with a clean cotton flannel or jersey cloth. After polishing, wipe with a clean damp cloth to ground any electrostatic charges, which may attract dust particles. Antistatic coatings may also be used to prevent the accumulation of electrostatic charge.

Both Plexiglas® G and MC sheet, colorless and all colors, are listed as recognized components by Underwriters Laboratories with a UL flame class of 94HB. These products are suitable for outdoor use in clear only with respect to exposure to ultraviolet light, water, exposure or immersion in accordance with UL746C. These products in all colors have been subjected to one or more of the following tests: ultraviolet light, water exposure or immersion in accordance with UL 746C, where the acceptability for outdoor use is to be determined by Underwriters Laboratories.

Plexiglass Acrylic Sheet Products
* Plexiglas® G Cell-Cast Acrylic Sheet
* Plexiglas® G P-95 / DP-95
* Plexiglas® MC Acrylic Sheet
* Plexiglas® Matte Finish
* Plexiglas® Frosted Acrylic Sheet
* Plexiglas® Clear-Edge Frosted Acrylic Sheet
* Plexiglas® T Acrylic Sheet Impact Series
* Plexiglas® Q Acrylic Sheet
* Plexiglas® SQ Acrylic Sheet (Sign Grade)
* Plexiglas® UF-3, UF-4 and UF-5 Acrylic
* Plexiglas® Perfexion® Standard and Non-Glare Finishes For Picture Framing
* Plexiglas® SB Bullet Resistant Acrylic Sheet

Plexiglas® G Cell-Cast Acrylic Sheet
Premium architectural-grade Plexiglas® G satisfies the requirements for all high performance  cast acrylic sheets applications. Plexiglas® G is made by a cell-casting process which provides the following characteristics: best optical-quality, highest long-term design stress, superior weatherability, ease of fabrication, and the highest degree of chemical resistance available in an acrylic sheet. Plexiglas® is NATURALLY UV RESISTANT. It does NOT yellow and absorbs much of the UV spectrum. There are other grades that absorb the most damaging wavelengths and others that transmit the full spectrum.

Plexiglas® G sheet is available in colorless, white translucent and many transparent colors, as well as in a P4 one-sided pattern. Plexiglas® G is sold in a variety of thicknesses, and it is available in sheet sizes of 4', 5' and 6' (x 8'), 4' x 10', 6' x 10' as well as larger sizes for special orders.

Plexiglas® G P-95/DP-95 Acrylic Sheet
Plexiglas® G standard acrylic P95 is patterned on one side of the sheet; this is an added texture that provides decorative effects and diffuses unwanted surface reflections. The matte finish is available on one side only. P-95 is manufactured via a cell-cast process that satisfies the requirements of nearly all high-performance applications. The matte finish is available in a number of colors with sheet sizes ranging from 48" x 96" to 72" x 96". Thicknesses range from 1/8" to 1".

Plexiglas® MC Acrylic Sheet - the standard grade listed on
Plexiglas® MC is an economical sheet produced via a proprietary process known as melt calendaring. It offers many of the same high-quality features as Plexiglas® G. In addition, it has exceptional thickness tolerance and can be thermoformed to greater detail. Plexiglas® MC sheet is available in sign white, black, and more than 30 translucent and transparent colors. MC is available in a wide variety of sheet sizes and patterns, with thicknesses from 0.060" to 3/8".

Plexiglas® MC Matte Finish
An industry standard, Plexiglas® MC is a continuous process acrylic sheet that offers exceptional thickness tolerance. Now available in a Matte Finish, this versatile sheet offers more design possibilities. An alternative to P95, MC Matte Finish offers fabricators a wider range of sizes to improve yield and reduce costs. It is ideal for displays, point-of-purchase items, building applications and general fabricated parts. Available in standard widths of 48", 51", 60", 63", 72", and 75" and standard lengths of 96" and 100" with thicknesses from 0.060" to 3/8".

Plexiglas® Frosted Acrylic Sheet
Designed for use in point-of-purchase displays, illuminated signage, and as a lighting diffuser, Plexiglas® Frosted Acrylic Sheet is made from an acrylic resin that incorporates a frosting mechanism that is integrated throughout the sheet structure. This mechanism provides a textured finish on all surfaces, requiring no secondary finishing.

In point-of-purchase displays, the frosted effect hides scratches and fingerprints, and requires less cleaning to maintain an attractive surface. Since the scattering mechanism is integral to the structure, surface scratches and processing have no noticeable effect on optical properties. Unlike surface embossed textures, Plexiglas® Frosted Acrylic Sheet will retain its frosted look after thermoforming.

Designers will find the new frosted sheet attractive for lighting, shelving, tabletops, backdrops and visual displays.

Plexiglas® - Gauges / Sheet Dimensions:

0.080" (2mm) 48" X 96"
0.118" (3mm) 60" X 96"
0.177" (4.5mm) 63" X 100"
0.220" (5.5mm) 72" X 96"
0.236" (6mm) 72" X 100"
0.354" (9mm) 75" X 100"
0.472" (12mm)

Additionally, Plexiglas® Frosted Acrylic Sheet is now available in a standard thickness of 0.118"(3mm) and a sheet size of 51" x 100" in the following colors:

3160 Light Gray
3161 Light Bronze
3162 Dark Blue
3163 Light Blue
3164 Dark Red
3165 Black Opaque
3166 Medium Blue
W3172 White Translucent

Plexiglas® Clear-Edge Frosted Acrylic Sheet
Plexiglas® Clear-Edge Frosted was designed using the same resin technology as Plexiglas® Frosted Acrylic Sheet. An added benefit is the application of a new process technology featuring a frosted effect on both sheet surfaces, highlighting the clarity of the colorless or colored "clear" edge. Designed in response to the growing demand for "matte" finish looks, the sheet's middle clear layer is sandwiched between thin top and bottom-frosted layers. Clear-Edge Frosted is the ideal choice for designers looking to create attractive lighting, shelving, tabletop, backdrop and point of purchase displays.

The Frosted surface maintains all the attributes associated with our current Frosted sheet material:
* Effectively diffuses the light
* Hides fingerprints and scratches
* Requires less cleaning and maintenance

Plexiglas® Clear-Edge Frosted is sold in standard widths of 48", 51", 60", 63", 72" and 75" and standard lengths of 96" and 100" and is available in a thickness range of 0.177" to 0.472".
*Clear-Edge Frosted can also be sold in a one-sided formulation.

Plexiglas® Perfexion Standard and Non-Glare Finishes for Picture Framing
Altuglas International offers a complete line of Plexiglas® acrylic sheet products designed to meet the needs of picture framers, museums and galleries. Standard and non-glare finishes offer outstanding optical quality that is 17 times stronger and 50% lighter than an equivalent piece of glass. Offered in a 48" x 96" sheet size with thickness ranging from 0.060" to 0.236".

Plexiglas® SB Bullet Resistant Acrylic Sheets
Plexiglas® SB sheet meets UL 752-Level I for use in bullet-resisting applications involving small arms. It carries US Patent No. 4,505,972. The material is available in sizes of 4', 5' and 6' x 8' sheets. Plexiglas® SB offers a lightweight, crystal clear alternative vs. bullet-resisting glass or polycarbonate of the same UL class rating.

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