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Weld On Glue for Plastic, Tools for Plexiglass, Buffing wheels, polish, saw blades, drill bits, sandpaper

ePlastics carries Weld On Glue - the Plastic Glue and Adhesives - featuring plastic glue for Plexiglass Acrylic sheet, Lucite, Lexan Polycarbonate, ABS plastic sheet, Kydex thermoplastic sheet, Vinyl, Styrene and more.

  • ePlastics carries a full line of Plastic Drill Bits - these are specially made just for Plexiglass and Lexan.
  • There are many other Plastic Tools that you might need, including saw blades for your sabre saw or Skilsaw or table saw.
  • Welding Tools - for hot air plastic welding of LDPE, Polypropylene, and PVC. Coming soon.
  • Acrylic Balls, Cubes, and Hardware such as hinges, clasps and locks - plus picture hangers.
  • Plastic Adhesive Applicators - a must for use with Weld-On adhesives.
  • A full line of Dico Plastic Buffing Wheels, adaptors, and compounds.
  • Novus and Brillianze Plastic Polish including special towels for use with acrylics. Novus #2 and #3 polish can remove scratches like small abrasions in Plexiglass acrylic sheet
  • Tape - we have special 2-sided tapes for use with Plexiglass and other applications
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