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Lucite® Acrylic Sheets & Shapes

Just imagine what you can do with LuciteLux®. Wild eclectic…urban chic…bold contemporary.

Whatever you’re looking for, LuciteLux® catches your eye and inspires your imagination.

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Clear Cast Color Frost Clear Frost Coral Fluorescent Sample Chain Design Box


For designers, fabricators and artists, Lucite® continues to be a sought after material due to its clarity, strength, beauty and ability to be fabricated using any color imaginable. Indeed, modern innovations such as bringing texture into the product have allowed Lucite® to expand its reach in the design community.

Lucite® is “the source of inspiration” in acrylics, establishing the standard for quality, beauty and durability across a broad range of products including everything from architecture, furniture and clothing accessories and beyond. LuciteLux® acrylic sheet products are at the forefront of fashion and design trends, offering designers and fabricators the top-of-the-line in new colors, styles and textures.