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Plastic Fabrication and Machining - Plexiglass Box, Manufacturing, Custom Algae Filter to your print

Custom Plastic Fabrication and Machining at ePlastics - It's what we do.

Since 1914 we've been selling plastics. Since 1945 we have been custom fabricating a wide variety of materials and products for industry and individuals world-wide. From biotech and bbq's to sailboats and rockets. We have plastic on the moon.

Email for your custom quote today!

Please include any info & drawings that you have already.

Our customers are nationwide - we have the machines, skills, and people to produce your part from your print. Bio-tech, telcom industry, cosmetic display sets, boat windows, medical dispensers, thermoformed parts, to just simple custom cut and shaped plastic sheet. If it's a part machined from plastic, we can do it. If it's a display made from plastic, we can do it.

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Custom Acrylic
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Whether it's a blueprint, CAD drawing, or just a pencil sketch, ePlastics® has been making it happen for a very long time.


We specialize in providing your assembly part, display, guard, laboratory item, etc. on time, with quality, reliability, and priced right.


We can replace that broken boat window or hatch, make a new stand, case or frame for your art and make just about everything else.


We have a half-dozen CNC machines that are constantly operating to keep lead times low and products shipped out the door. If you are looking to get something precise or in high-volume, we can do it. Our general plastic, polycarbonate, and acrylic CNC Fabrication team is one of the best in the world.

Laser Etching or Laser Cutting

Sometimes the part you need requires the precision and delicacy of a laser cutter. Fortunately for you, we have one that can complete your custom job exactly as you envision it. We can both laser etch plastic and laser cut plastic on many types, colors, shades, and finishes of plastic. Our experts can also offer suggestions for various styles of etching to achieve the best results for your project.


We have an entire team of people and room of table saws that are here to custom cut any order you have. We even have machines that can handle jobs over 6" thick at incredibly tight tolerances. If you're looking for a piece of plastic sheet, rod, or tube that needs to be cut to your exact size, we can do it. We also ship directly to your door, no matter where you live.

It's really very simple - You Design, We Create!

From a simple plexiglass box to a 1000-gallon aquarium - we can do it! We work with all types of drawings from pencil sketches to CAD blueprints, producing what you want quickly, accurately, and on time! We can take your project from prototype to production. You can email a drawing or photo of the desired item for a quote today! Send to and we'll turn around as quickly as we can!

We have many plastic manufacturing specialists who can assist you with your needs. Each has a minimum of 5-years of experience with plastic fabrication. We've helped many of our customers win awards. What can we do for you? Typical fabrication work has a minimum order size of $250 (labor and materials).

Recent projects include algae filter systems, HDPE welded tanks, formed polypropylene tanks, custom beverage drink dispensers, dry erase boards in clear, tints, and white, electric guitar pick guards, traffic control lenses and so much more.....