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Polyethylene Adhesives & Glue

Polyethylene Adhesives and Glue - What are your choices...

The fact is that the group of olefins (polyethylene based plastics), which include LDPE, HDPE, and UHMW, are so chemical resistant that modern science has not invented a solvent glue to bond these plastics. Of course, such properties are why these plastics exist and perform their job so well. You might even note that the solvent applicators and most chemical containers are made from polyethylenes.

All is not lost - You do have some choices!

1. Mechanical fasteners - screws, nuts and bolts and the like - you may have to recess the hole or deeper countersink based on the application.

2. Pressure Sensitive Adhesive applied to 1 surface. We actually do this for the thinner sheets of UHMW we sell - and call this our "Slick Strips" - you can peel and stick a variety of thicknesses and widths from .010" to .125" thick,

3. Contact Adhesives - we offer the IPS Weld On adhesive #1829 - it STICKS but the bond is limited as it would be with ALL solvent based contact adhesives. There are a wide variety of solvent based contact adhesives available nationwide.

4. Double Sided Tape - OK, we know you didn't want to hear this, but for some of you, laying down a few strips may do the job. We offer 2 kinds of tape. Double Sided Foam Tape is a permanent adhesive good for non-smooth surfaces. "Killer Red Tape" is a thin 0.015" thick acrylic adhesive transfer tape perfect for SMOOTH surface applications. Thicker tape is available such as the line of 3M VHB tape.

5. Hot Air Welding - the way LDPE and HDPE tanks and trays are built is by hot air welding the pieces together. Similar to metal welding, but at lower temperatures, a welding rod is melted into the sheet joint to make a strong bond. The materials must be the same - you cannot effectively join dis-similar materials. Call for more info.


killer red double sided tape narrow 100.jpg

.500" Wide Polyester Clear Red Tape X 36 yard roll

1 – 11$10.76
12 – 23$8.98
24 +$8.29


killer red double sided tape 100.jpg

1.00 Wide Polyester Clear Red Tape X 36 yard roll

1 – 11$21.20
12 – 23$17.70
24 +$16.32


double sided foam tape narrow 100.jpg

.500" x .060" Dbl. Face Foam Tape 18/Cs

1 – 11$7.70
12 – 23$6.43
24 +$5.93


double sided foam tape wide 100.jpg

.750" x .060" Dbl. Face Foam Tape 12/Cs

1 – 11$9.90
12 – 23$8.27
24 +$7.62


double sided foam tape wide 100.jpg

1.000" x .060" Dbl. Face Foam Tape 9/Cs

1 – 11$15.40
12 – 23$12.86
24 +$11.86

IPS 1829 4OZ


Weld-On #1829 4oz Kit *Requires Applicator

1 – 23$8.93
24 – 47$7.43
48 +$5.96


killer red double sided tape 100.jpg

.750 Wide Polyester Clear Red Tape X 36 yard roll

1 – 11$15.38
12 – 23$12.84
24 +$11.84