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Order PLEXIGLAS Online - How to Place an Order On-line at ePlastics - Where to buy plexiglass

Welcome to, your complete online plastics store.

We have the widest selection of plastic materials available in the USA, both online and through special order. Our Goal is a straight-forward On-Line experience with NO MINIMUM order. (There is a 40,000sf brick & mortar store supporting our web presence)

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NOTE: If you don't see it on our website, please call us. We add new items every day, and it is possible that what you're looking for has not been published yet. If you are looking for information regarding international orders, please click here.

    You can:
  • Easily find plastic materials and accessories in an organized manner
  • Get quantity discounts when you purchase items of the same type
  • Add cutting information and labor charges as needed (don't forget the cutting blade takes 0.250" on each cut)
  • See the shipping costs to your door! No guesswork, and no need to wait for a phone quote
  • Easily place a secure order with an award winning company

Don't see it on the website? Don't worry. We are continuously adding inventory and have a large staff of trained customer service personnel to answer questions any questions you might have. While most orders can be placed online, there are some cases where you'll need to send in a drawing or might want to discuss in more detail what you need or the application that the plastic is intended for. 
At ePlastics, we built our business model on knowledge and abilities - "When others can't, we can!" Email us at, with your detailed questions - remember that quotes on fabrication & machining require a drawing, so please attach a PDF(preferred), BMP, or JPG - or fax the drawing to 858-560-1941. Let us know how many parts you need - and when!

We designed our shopping cart to allow cutting instructions to be placed with the ITEM that you are ordering - You're in charge so you can tell us exactly how you want the pieces cut. We designed our shipping calculator to base its fee on the size of the package we are shipping and where you are. We have partnered with the best trucking companies to ensure the lowest delivery fees with a timely arrival. Unlike other sites that say "We will call you with your shipping charges", at ePlastics you will get an accurate shipping cost to your door. Just match up the correct shipment method with your package size. This is critical that you pick the correct method - if you are buying 48x72 sheets, you pick the 48x96 method - not the 48x48 or 24x48 - as this will only delay the order getting fulfilled. More about shipping further down the page under "How much will it cost to ship?".

eplastics shopping cart with cutting info

Key Questions

How can I buy plastics cut to my sizes?
Easy. We sell all sheets in INCREMENTS. Depending on material, from 12x12 up to the full size sheet of 48x96 and larger. Most increments are based on a 24x48 - so you can buy a 24x48, 24x96, 48x48, 48x72 and so on. Put the increment in the cart with your cutting instructions, plus a labor charge, and we do the rest! We offer discounts on volume for ALL sheet sizes. We cut straight lines, curves, circles, rings, letters, polish edges, roundover or bevel the edges.... everything to the material you can imagine. We cut sheets, rods, tubes and profiles to your exact requirements.

Do I need to register? 
You are able to choose items and place them in the cart anonymously. By registering during the checkout process, you can login to the Customer Center and track your order. Your information is extremely private. We do not sell your name or share your information. Full Information is required to process all orders and is protected by 128bit encryption in a Secure Site environment. If you have forgotten your password - go to the My Account link above.

How long does it take to process my order?
Orders typically take 1-2 business days. If you add extensive cutting, add an extra day. Typically, an order for glue, clear polyester, ice, and other accessories will ship the next business day. Orders for sheets require extra packaging time and usually take 2 business days. For instance, you place an order on Friday at 3pm PST for glue. It will ship on Monday. If you place an order for glue on Monday at 9am PST, it may ship Monday, but will normally ship Tuesday. Rush orders can be expedited. Place your order - then call or email in with your Order Number requesting EXPEDITE.

When is my card charged?
Upon submission, your credit card is authorized, and all orders immediately reserve stock here at our headquarters. To prevent fraud, Address Verification Security (AVS) is used to match your Credit Card Billing Address and Zip Code with the Billing Address you entered. If you are having problems with the card being accepted, typically there is a mis-match on the Billing Name & Address. A confirming email of your order is then sent to you, Customer Service is alerted to your new order, and the fulfillment process begins. Prior to Fulfillment, your credit card is charged. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express cards.

We do not recommend the use of Debit Cards for internet purchases as your checking account will be "charged" immediately in the authorization process by the card processor. This is beyond our control and the reason for this advice.

How much is Sales Tax?

We collect 8% sales tax on pre-shipping total only for shipments to a California address. Tax shown in cart will be removed in checkout for addresses outside California. Labor is taxable in California. Military and Government purchases may be exempt and tax will be removed prior to fulfillment if you note this in the comments sections of checkout.

How much will it cost to ship?
Shipping charges are based on the weight and size of the shipment. Since larger sheets are shipped by truck, we spend a good amount of time packing and protecting your purchase for shipment. 

After entering items into the cart, please pick your Zip Code and Country. You can select "Best Way" or UPS for carrier. Now choose the correct radio button that matches the largest sheet in your order. The exact shipping cost is displayed with each choice! Keep in mind that larger sheets like a 48x48 and larger cost more to ship by truck on a pallet. We've contracted great rates to keep shipping costs low. For small orders, the cost for shipping is only $10. We can arrange to ship by your carrier account - push that button and put your account name and number in the comments box in the completion of the order process.

Small purchases of drill bits, polish, glue, and samples sometimes comes up with a shipping charge that is over $19. We will correct this and confirm with you before charging your card. Make a comment when completing your cart regarding this.

All shipment choices are for Ground Shipping by UPS/FedEx. If you need shipping by UPS 2 Day or UPS Next day, or would like to use your UPS or FedEx account, please place your order with the correct ground method, and add a comment during checkout that you need to expedite this order.Shipments to Canada do not include GST or Broker fees. Glue can ship by FedEx EXPRESS air to Hawaii, Alaska, or PR - call for prices and details - it's a hazardous material.

Ground Floor deliveries - our shipping partners will deliver your order to your curb or your dock. Liftgate and Upper floor delivery extra (call us as it's site specific). "White Glove" delivery may be available in your metro distric for an additional charge.

For small sheet orders (12x12, 12x24, 24x24 etc - please enter 24x48 sheet - UPS & FedEx treat all packages under 24x48 the same - thanks!)

We currently allow orders for 48 states USA, AK, HI, PR and Canada. International orders can be placed by fax and email. Back to the Top

eplastics shopping cart with cutting info canada

Shipping Methods - Pick the One That Matches Your Package Type:

Ground Package NO SHEETS: Basic choice for items that fit in a box. Like brochure holders, all Rods and Tubes, glues, accessories, thin film we can roll up, rolls of film. Choosing this option with sheets in your order will delay it.

24x48 Sheet Ground: Sheets no larger than 24x48. There is a LOT of packaging in these shipments to ensure safe delivery.

48x48 Pallet Ground Package: Sheets no larger than 48x48 (could be a mix of sizes we cut all under 48x48)

48x96 Pallet Ground Package: Sheet sizes no larger than 48x96, and the 26x96/26x144 fiberglass are allowed.

X-Large Pallet Ground Package: Extra Large Sheet sizes larger than listed above such as 48x120, 48x144, 72x96, 72x120. Requires additional packaging and special truck delivery.

Pickup in San Diego: San DIego,California customers ONLY can pickup here. If you are not in San Diego, choosing this option will delay your order.

Use My UPS/FedEx Account #: We arrange your carrier to pickup and bill your company. There is a small fee to package shipment for safe transit. Please add your account info in the comments box in checkout and choose an appropriate shipping method. Once we verify your authorized account, the shipping charges will be removed and we will email you a revised order to reflect the correct amount.

Not sure which? No problem. We check every order. If there's a cheaper method than your selection, we'll change it. If you picked an incorrect method, please pick the correct button or your order WILL be delayed. We'll contact you with the correction for your approval.

Remember... If you need your order cut, you can save on shipping costs by being able to ship smaller packages! 

What is the most cost effective way of buying material and cutting?

Buying "full size" sheets or increments of the full sheet is your most cost effective way - and we offer significant discounts on quantities. Standard full size sheets are 48x96 inches. They come in clear, textures and colored Plexiglass. In clear, we also have 48x120 and 72x120 (and larger) in 1/4"- 1/2" thickness. So, lay out your cutting list using a full sheet, any extra material needed can be cut from an "increment". This applies to ALL Plastics we sell. It is all about YIELD. You will see the incremental sizes AND the Full size Sheets for all materials. If there are no incremental sizes, then that material is sold in Full Sheets only. For large industrial jobs (over 2000lbs), we may be able to run a custom size for you that has near perfect yield.

How do I get a quantity discount?

We give discounts based on an aggregate of "like" items. Mixing a group of FULL SIZE sheets form the same category will lower the price on ALL of that group! Same with smaller sheet sizes. So if you buy 2 - 48x96 of 1/8" clear , then 1 sheet of 1/4" 48x96, you get the qty 3 price break on both purchases. This is reflected in the Shopping Cart as you add them.

Can you cut my material and how much is that?

We're setup to cut fast and accurately. We charge by the cut. When you select the material to purchase, you'll see it's easy to enter the information into the "Cutting options" box. Tell us everything you need and if you want the remnants as well. Add up the cuts and check out the Labor section for the correct price. Note: don't forget the cutting blade takes 0.250" on each cut - so we cannot cut 2 pieces 12" wide from a 24" wide piece. Allow 1/4" for each cut. We cut straight lines, curves, circles, rings, letters, polish edges, roundover or bevel the edges.... everything to the material you can imagine.

If you add plastic sheets to the cart and have cutting information, you must add a Labor charge to your order. Back to the Top

cutting info

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An example of labor charges for cutting straight lines might be:

straight cuts chargews

I have a California Resale license - can I buy for resale?
We must collect California Sales tax for all shipments within the state of California. Enter your Resale # in the Comments box during checkout so we have it on record at the time of sale. Download Form BOE-230 GENERAL RESALE CERTIFICATE, fill out (you can type into the PDF and print out), sign, then fax back to us at 858-560-1941 to have the Sales tax removed. We cannot refund Sales Tax after we ship. (Shipments to other states are not taxed)

How do I find materials on

You have several ways to locate materials and items. 

a. Global Search. Use the SEARCH function to locate items easily. Type in a little bit of the description, color number, or a keyword. Our internal search will look at the thousands of items in our inventory and display the items, and site sections, that are relevant. To narrow down some choices try a few keywords separated by spaces:

plexiglass clear 48 96 - this will return a list of ALL 48x96 sheets of Plexiglas that are CLEAR 

b. Top Level Menu. As you rollover, you'll get a drop down of the 1st level sections - the different materials types on-line. We have arranged our site by material, then by shape, so that if you are looking for Plexiglass sheet or tube, it's all in the Plexiglass section. When you click on Plexiglass Sheet, you will get a new section with all the TYPES of Plexiglass sheet we have - clear, colors, infrared transmitting, bullet resistant, etc. When you click into these sections, you will see all the colors, sizes and thicknesses. Typically, the minimum size of Plexiglass sheet is 24x48. There is a "Cutting Options" box on every sheet in the site to tell us how you want it cut.

If you've forgotten your password go to the "My Account" link at the top, enter your email address and you will be sent the link for that.

Where to buy plexiglass?

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