39" X 59" Black Worbla Sheet

Sales Unit: EA
$108 per full sheet. Please call to place order.


Similar to standard Worbla, Black Worbla is a thermoplastic that activates at 90 degreex C (195 degrees F) and becomes moldable and shapeable by hand. It has the same self adhesive properties that allow pieces to be directly joined, and has 0% waste as all scraps can be reblended and reused. Anything you can make with standard Worbla you can also make with this, however it will finish smoother and create finer details than standard. In short: Black Worbla lets you spend far less time priming to get a shiny surface, and can even be left unprimed for a surface closer to EVA foam. It is also better for fine, sharp detail beyond what standard Worbla is able to acheive.