Plexiglass Transparent Colors Sample Set

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Plexiglass See Thru Colored Samples Transparent Colors in Acrylic Size 4" X 6" Sample set contains 1/8" thick pieces. Colors are: 2069 light blue (what you see on boats) 2424 dark blue 2208 yellow 2422 amber/orange 2111 light green(golf carts) 2092 dark green 3030 glass green 2423 red (tail light, dark room, LED panels, IR transmitting along with visible red color light) 1020 light purple/violet 3730 Dark Transparent Purple Transparent acrylic colors WILL NOT VARY IN LIGHT TRANSMITTANCE with thickness. That means that a sheet of 1/8" transmits THE SAME light as a piece of 3/16" or 1/4" or even 1" thick.