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Plexiglass Acrylic Rod Clear Colored Extruded and Cast Plexiglas Acrylic Rod

Plexiglass Clear extruded and cast ACRYLIC rods sold by ePlastics are the finest in North America. Our molds are new and extrusion lines are kept to a minimum - even on the largest sizes.

Our line of clear cast acrylic rods come in diameters that range from .250 to 8.00 inches in diameter. Tight tolerances throughout the manufacturing process assure you of getting the highest quality rods in the industry. Our standard material is a clear ultraviolet transmitting acrylic.

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cast acrylic rod extruded acrylic rod

Cast Acrylic Rod

Extruded Acrylic Rod

Cast vs. Extruded Acrylic Tubing and Rod -Information you need to decide whether CAST or EXTRUDED acrylic rod is correct for your application.

1st - all plastics made by "casting" will always have less built in stress - so the molecular weight will be higher and it will machine better, handle pressure/vacuum better, as well as more resistant to heat and certain chemicals. If you are planning on doing any drilling/tapping or machining you will find that the cast rod product excels. Otherwise, the extruded acrylic rod is fine and typically less costly. We do not have pressure ratings available for either product - best to test and review your results.

2nd - a cast material is poured in place into a mold. Extruded is squeezed out of a machine. There are extremely light extrusion lines in a clear material - and that is the most obvious difference between the two.

3rd - cast acrylic rod is then polished after removal from the mold - a labor-intensive process which adds to its cost. Optical clarity is excellent in cast rod, and very good in extruded rod.

  •  ePlastics has a wide selection of CAST and EXTRUDED acrylic rod.
  •  Cast Acrylic rod is stock to 8" diameter. Larger Diameters to order.
  •  Extruded acrylic rod is stock to 2" diameter.

  •  Colored extruded Plexiglass acrylic rod from 1/8" OD to 2" OD with limited colors and sizes available.

*Standard length of EXTRUDED plexiglass acrylic ROD is 72" (6ft). It is sold in 6ft increments. Pricing is PER 6FT PIECE.
This is the standard length of the rod. We will cut down to any length that you need. Please add this information in the cutting options.
Standard length of CAST plexiglass acrylic ROD is 48-96" (4-8ft). It is sold BY THE FOOT. Pricing is PER FOOT.
We will cut down to any length that you need. Please add this information in the cutting options.

•If you do not see the size of Cast Plexiglass Rod listed, we can special order - no problem. Cast plexiglass rod is recommended whenever there will be machining on the material. Cast rod has much less built in stress from its manufacturing process, is a higher molecular weight, and more chemical resistant than extruded plexiglass rod. You may purchase cast rod by the foot - maximum length of a cast plexiglass rod is 96" - and we can bond together for handrail applications (even bending) if required by our fabrication department.

•We can cut to length 1 or 10,000 pc. You can special order longer lengths of extruded rod or tubing - we just need to schedule your diameter and length with our production processes.