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Micarta - X,CE,LE,G10,FR4 Sheet, Rod & Tube

Phenolic Micarta board resins are formed by condensation polymerization of phenol and formaldehyde. They are thermoset resins which are commonly filled with organic and inorganic fillers, fibers and fabrics. Phenolic resins are classified as either resoles or novolacs. They are commonly reinforced with paper, cloth or glass fabrics.
Paper based phenolic
Typical applications include insulating washers, sleeves, switch bases and panelboards. 
Canvas based phenolic
It machines readily, and is excellent for a variety of mechanical applications such as gears, pulleys, sheaves, insulators, bushings, washers, and rollers.
Linen based phenolic
Applications for Grade LE include intricate machined parts, radio components, fine gears and pinions, spacers, bushings and rollers.
Silicone based phenolic
Grade G-7 is unequalled for high heat and arc resistance applications, and where good mechanical and electrical properties must be exhibited in humid conditions in excess of 400°F.
Melamine based phenolic
Grade G-9 is used for switchboard panels, arc barriers, structural electrical parts, specialty terminal blocks and circuit breaker components.
Epoxy fiberglass laminate [does not contain bromine]
Grade G-10 is used for terminal boards, washers, sleeves, structural components, and parts where the strength to size ratio is critical. Fire retardant ver.: FR4. We carry G10 FR4 grade.
Epoxy fiberglass laminate [contains bromine]
This product is suitable for a variety of structural, high humidity, and electrical insulation applications, which include terminal boards, lapping carriers, and disc and microelectronics polishing. We carry FR4 grade.
Epoxy fiberglass laminate [cryogenic temperatures]
Designed to withstand absolute zero temperatures, the product is manufactured to the NIST G-10CR process specification for materials used in deep space and cryogenic applications. 
Epoxy fiberglass laminate [high temperatures]
Excellent machining characteristics, outstanding dimensional stability, superior creep resistance, and excellent high-temperature and performance characteristics.

As a class, phenolic compounds are characterized by low cost, superior heat resistance, high heat deflection temperatures, good electrical properties, flame resistance, excellent moldability and dimensional stability, and good water and chemical resistance. They are of interest to the building and transportation industries due to their fire retardancy, low smoke generation and low smoke toxicity.

Special purpose phenolics are formulated to meet specific requirements such as maximum dimensional stability at high temperature (in automotive transmission valves), cracking resistance (pump housings), stability in steam environments (steam irons, coffee makers), electrical resistance (high voltage switch gears) or good machining qualities (fine tooth gears).

Other applications of Micarta board include bonding, impregnating and coating formulations. Phenolic tackifiers are used in synthetic rubbers for tires and hoses. Solvent cements based on phenolics are used as structural adhesives for metal-torubber bonds and for bonding vinyls to various substrates. • Aircraft • Motor housings • Pistons and packing rings • Handles for pots and pans • Seals and gaskets • Automatic transmission rings • Marine switch board panels • Automotive ignition components • Marine relay bases • Motor housings • Punch parts • Thermostat housings • Insulating washers • Communication instruments • Gears and pinions • Components for aircraft instruments • Radio and television terminal boards -IAPD