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Polycarbonate Sheet - Makronlon - LEXAN™ - Tuffak

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Clear Lexan™ sheets, Tuffak®, Makrolon® polycarbonate sheets. Clear virtually unbreakable polycarbonate panels.
Incremental sheet sizes are approx. 1/8" smaller due to saw cut. We are an authorized distributor for Tuffak® & Makrolon® polycarbonate sheet products and we distribute genuine Lexan™ polycarbonate panels as well as other brands through our relationships with Sabic and other manufacturers.
We can cut your 4' x 8' Lexan™ polycarbonate panels to exact sizes or ship in bulk. We sell 48" X 96", 60" X 96", 72" X 96", 48" X 120", roll stock and more... and have it in-stock for fast delivery.

* GE Lexan™ 9034 is equivalent to Makrolon™ GP
* GE Lexan™ 112 is equivalent to the Makrolon™ GP Clear
* GE Lexan™ 713 is equivalent to the Makrolon™ i-30 Light Gray Transparent.
* GE Lexan™ 5109 is equivalent to the Makrolon™ K-09 Bronze Transparent.

The Poisson's ratio for Lexan™ glass polycarbonate is 0.37-0.38

NEW - Makrolon® 15 abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheets offer superior long-term weather ability, optical clarity, and vandalism protection. Backed by a limited 15 year warranty, this product incorporates Makshield® innovative technology to achieve enhanced performance. Its improved glazing durability and unsurpassed impact resistance, along with enhanced insulating properties and significant weight reduction, makes Makrolon® 15 clearly the right choice for your glazing applications. Makrolon® 15 polycarbonate sheet also offers a significant reduction in maintenance cost over its life cycle versus that of other glazing materials. Applications include schools, public buildings, and transportation centers.

Makrolon® GP (in thicknesses from 0.060" thru 0.500") is an equivalent product to General Electric's Lexan™ 9034. Both of these sheet products are extruded from UVA stabilized polycarbonate resin. You should not be able to differentiate between Lexan™ 9034 and Tuffak A for the mechanical, physical and weathering properties of these two sheet products are similar.

ePlastics® sells a wide range of Lexan™, Makrolon®, and Tuffak® brand polycarbonate sheets and panels.

A wide range of clear Lexan™ polycarbonate sheet hard-coated 1 or 2 side abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheet, known as MR10, SL10, and CM. There are limited bronze and grays in transparent colored polycarbonate sheet, and for signs, translucent colored polycarbonate sheet. For various applications we have black and white colored polycarbonate sheet.

For special applications, you can order mirrored polycarbonate sheet - a mirror that will not break (think of uses in correctional facilities). For privacy panels and dividers, we offer textured polycarbonate sheet.

For the most precise engineering applications, we offer a compression molded window grade polycarbonate (either Westlake Plastics Zelux W brand, or Makrolon® from Sheffield Plastics). In thicknesses from 0.375" to 2.000" thick - and even thicker on special order. For pure machining material, there is also compression molded machine grade polycarbonate.


Winter Heat Loss (1)
Summer Heat Gain (2)
Thickness, in.
0.118" 0.117" 0.236" 0.375" 0.118" 0.177" 0.236" 0.375"
Single glazed
1.06 1.01 0.96 0.88 0.98 0.93 0.89 0.82

(1) 15 MPH wind velocity

(2) 7-1/2 MPH wind velocity

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See MSDS for Health and Safety Considerations.

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Makrolon® GP general purpose polycarbonate sheet is a polished surface, UV stabilized polycarbonate product for use in glazing and industrial applications, and features outstanding impact strength and superior dimensional stability. Makrolon® GP polycarbonate sheet's five year warranty against breakage, along with its UL 94 VO rating on gauges .220" and greater, make it cost effective in a wide range of industrial glazing, design, and structural applications, and thermoformed and fabricated components.

Makrolon® GP general-purpose polycarbonate sheet is available in pebble, matte, and prismatic decorative and functional textures. Its outstanding strength and superior dimensional stability, along with its five-year warranty against breakage, offers ultimate design flexibility and cost effectiveness. Makrolon® GP polycarbonate textures are designed to accommodate a broad range of industrial glazing, structural, and thermoformed and fabricated component applications.