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Pultruded Fiberglass Grate

• Pultruded Grating has a primary advantage over molded FRP gratings (other than being generally lower in cost): It has superior load-supporting ability over longer spans. Pultruded Grating is the result of a continuous molding technique in which glass roving, glass matting and a synthetic surface veil are literally pulled (pultruded) simultaneously through a flame-retardant polyester or vinylester resin bath. Pultruded Grating also features a two-part mechanical locking cross-rod, which increases the support and stability of the grating under extreme loads. The patented flush-top design of the cross-rods and bearing bars also enhance the unidirectional strength and provide easy fabrication and installation.

• Standard Resin Systems

The standard resin systems meet ASTM E-84 Class 1 flame rating, and include UV inhibitors for applications involving continuous exposure to the sun. Choose from the following standard resin systems. Ask us about creating special resins for unique environments, such as low smoke, low toxicity, or extra low flame applications.

• IFR - Made with a premium-grade isophthalic polyester flame-retardant resin system. Standard colors are yellow and gray for pultruded grating. WT grating and one inch I-bar gratings are also available in white.

• VFR - Made with a premium-grade vinylester flame-retardant resin system for added protection against corrosion. Standard colors are yellow and gray for pultruded grating.

Standard Top Surfaces:
Grit top - A slip-resistant coarse epoxy grit is bonded to the walking surfaces for improved traction.


Image Courtesy of Bedford ReinforcedPlastics Inc.