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CPVC Sheet

CPVC has an upper working temperature limit of 200°F(93°C) or approximately 60°F (16°C) above that of PVC,which greatly increases the product’s application rangeand makes it advantageous for many aggressive hightemperature processing applications such as plating andchemical processing.

CPVC is used in the manufacture of pipe, fittings, valves, machining shapes, sheet and duct, offering advantages for piping and related applications due to its high glasstransition temperature, high strength to weight ratio,pressure bearing capability, corrosion and chemicalresistance and low friction loss characteristics.

In addition to chemical inertness and mechanical strength, CPVC products have excellent flammability propertieswhen compared to other plastics and many common building materials. It will not support combustion, is ratedas self-extinguishing, and has very low flame and smokecharacteristics. These unique fire resistance properties enableproduct applications that are unacceptable for many otherplastics, such as use in fire resistant construction and firesprinkler piping applications.

Industrial Piping Applications (Pipe, Valves, Fittings, Sheet)

• Chemical processing
• Plating
• Pulp and paper industries
• Condensate return lines
• High purity applications
• Water and waste water treatment
• Corrosive fume handling (duct)
• Food contact applications
• Hot and cold water plumbing
• Fire sprinkler piping
Sheet, Rod and Tube
• Corrosive resistant tanks and vessels
• Corrosive resistant workstations and equipment
• Nuts, bolts, fasteners
• Pump and valve components
• Fume scrubbers
• Spacers, hangers, stiffeners, hubs and other mechanical

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