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Weld On Glue Plastic Adhesives, Weld On Glue, Plexiglass Glue for acrylic sheets. Acrylic glue & cement

Adhesives can only be shipped UPS GROUND within the 48 continental United States and to Canada. No international air shipments allowed, domestic next day air, or USPS Priority Mail shipments due to hazardous material regulations.

ePlastics® Quick Guide to IPS Corporation Adhesives - Weld-On® and SCIGRIP

Weld-On # 3 Fast setting and water-thin, leading to fast evaporation. Will leave mark-off if spilled. Great for acrylic or polycarbonate sheets. Acrylic to acrylic, or polycarbonate to polycarbonate. Not for beginners.
Weld-On #4 Fast setting and water-thin, leading to fast evaporation. Great for acrylic to acrylic or polycarbonate to polycarbonate bonds. Best for most applications of these materials.
Weld-On #16 Fast setting and syrupy consistency. Skins over fast but slower setting. Will leave a mess if spilled. Great for acrylic to acrylic or polycarbonate to polycarbonate bonds, as well as ABS to acrylic and a multi-purpose plastic glue. Good for sealing tiny gaps and water-proofing small tanks.
Weld-On #10 2 part adhesive - see IPS chart on this page. High strength and used for bonding dissimilar materials. Not clear.
Weld-On #40 2 part clear adhesive - see IPS chart on this page. Highest strength adhesive for acrylics. This is used in making large aquariums, tanks, and glueing thick pieces of plexiglass. It cures perfectly clear. Removing bubbles after mixing requires patience and practice.
IPS Corporation has published the SCIGRIP resin selection guide for help in deciding which resins to use with which materials.


ips-66-16oz-100.jpg ips-2007-16oz-100.jpg ips-4784-16oz-100.jpg
ips-3-gal-100.jpg ips-4-gal-100.jpg ips-16-gal-100.jpg ips-66-gal-100.jpg ips-1802-gal-100.jpg ips-weld-on-2007-vinyl-glue-gallon-100.jpg ips-4784-gal-100.jpg
rh-200-100.jpg ips-55-gun-applicator-100.jpg IPS42-tip-100.jpg brush100.jpg ips-55-100.jpg crl-clear-100.jpg IPS-16-1.5oz-100.jpg IPS42-Cartridge-100.jpg
funnel-100.jpg applicator hypo-2020-100.jpg IPS42-DispenserGun-100.jpg IPS45-Dispenser-100.jpg killer red double sided tape 100.jpg double sided foam tape wide 100.jpg SlickStrip-500x100-300.jpg SlickStrip-2x50-300.jpg SlickStrip-12x50-300.jpg

Expiration dates and storage of adhesives: The date on the can is the manufacturing date, not the expiration date. A tightly sealed can stored in a cool place will last 1-2 years after the manufacturing datee. We recommend Weld-On #40 be stored in a refrigerator and then left at room temp for a few hours to warm up before mixing. Leaving any solvent glue open overnight will result in evaporation of the solvent base. 

ePlastics® provides this information as a reference only. This is not an implied or express fitness of use. As with most chemicals, the user must experiment with materials and the adhesives for fitness of use. Many factors can affect the results you achieve, including, but not limited to the ambient air temperature, humidity, cleanliness of bond area, and quality of preparation of bonded edges.