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.500" DiameterSquare Extruded Acrylic Tube

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Plexiglass - Acrylic Profiles & Shapes ACREXST.500
Item ID: ACREXST.500

.500" DiameterSquare Extruded Acrylic Tube x 6ft long

Item Weight: 2 lb
Sales Unit: Each
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Straight Line Cutting Rates

Cutting Instructions

We have state of the art machines to cut sheets, rods, tubes, and custom shapes accurately and quickly per your specifications. Simply type the finished sizes that you need from this item in the box above. We charge by the cut, so pick the cutting charge on the left that covers all items in your cart, then click the Buy Now button to proceed.

Extruded acrylic tubing in a SQUARE shape is made by a continuous extrusion of the acrylic rod in an process that delivers beautiful clarity. They are cut on-line to 72"+. We can cut down to any length with the purchase of the full 6ft piece. If you need large quantities of a specific length, we can run these to size at the time that diameter is being extruded.

Due to the manufacturing process, square extruded tubing is not perfectly flat on all 4 sides - you have to look pretty close to even notice. It IS flat enough for bonding via solvent adhesives.

Prices for SQUARE Extruded Acrylic tubing are by THE 6 FOOT LENGTH and when you enter a quantity above, you are purchasing that quantity of LENGTHS. If you need SPECIFIC LENGTHS CUT, you will need to alert us in the COMMENT BOX in CHECKOUT what your needs are. Please add a $15 Labor charge.

Special orders of lengths longer than 72" and for colors need to be placed with a Customer Service representative.
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