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.007"x24"x48" Clear Polyester

Clear Polyester Film .007" x 24" x 48" Clear Polyester Sheet
Item ID: POLYCLR.007

.007"x24"x48" Clear Polyester Sheet

Item Weight: .5 lb
Sales Unit: Each
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Polyester Sheets & Rolls

Polyester film or sheet is a flexible, exceptionally strong and durable film with properties that make it most suitable for many industrial applications. Polyester sheet and film is inert to water and acts as a moisture barrier as well as being unaffected by oils, greases and most aromatics.

Even under attack by these conditions, polyester sheet or film will retain its superior properties and remain tough, clear and flexible from minus -100°F (-73.33° C) to over 300°F (148.88° C), and since polyester contains no plasticizers, it will not become brittle or yellow with age under these or other normal conditions.

POLYESTER FILM ROLLS are available in 48" widths x 25ft, 50ft, and 100ft lengths. Note: Longer rolls of polyester film and other widths are available on special order.
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