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This is our 2015 On-Line Access to award winning ePlastics, a Ridout Plastics Company

Service. Knowledgeable staff. Quality products. Fast delivery nationwide. We have virtualized our company here to better inform and serve our customer base nationwide.

Our Mantra: When Others Can't.... We Can!

For 101 years since our founding in 1914, ePlastics, a Ridout Plastics Company, has served the world with plastics materials and plastics manufacturing services. We recently won the 2014 Lucite "Just Imagine" award for an amazing and creative installation using Lucite brand acrylic sheet as custom louvers on a residence. The U.S. Small Business Administration awarded the company San Diego's 1995 Family-Owned Small Business of the Year.

The company has been featured in several national publications including Fortune Small Business, Plastics Manufacturing and Fabrication (cover story), and the Los Angeles Times. We are San Diego's plastics industry leaders in quality, service, employment, and sales. ePlastics' core competency is the ability to innovative and solve customer problems using plastics - hence our mission statement:
Achieving Innovative Solutions Through People and Plastics.

A 40,000 SF "Brick & Mortar" business is here supporting our web presence. We've been selling plastics and accessories on the internet since 1995! But...Plastics in 1914? Really? Originally known as the Rench Co., we sold plastic numbers and letters from cellulose plastic, as well as those white plastic numbers used for waiting in line. My grandfather purchased items for his grocery store at Rench back in the 1920's (he came to San Diego in 1910). Chuck Buck, founder of Buck Knives, came by in the early 40's for leftover pieces of acrylic to make knife handle decorations! Later, the Ridout family purchased and renamed the company in the 1950's. Our family purchased the company in 1967 and kept the name - as everyone knew: For Plastics in San Diego, go to Ridout Plastics. Now, in 2015 we are branding ourselves as simply “ePlastics”.

Everything Plastics. ePlastics is a one-of-a-kind complete Plastic Manufacturing and Supply store for all sizes of businesses: US Government to Fortune 100 companies, university researchers to shipbuilders, for the Do-It-Yourself hobbyist, homeowner, contractor or international business customer. We provide superior products made in North America and premium services to our customers. This web site is a wonderful introduction to just a few of the capabilities and products we have to offer you. No project is too big or small. We have built dock bumpers for the aircraft carriers here in our San Diego harbor, and have embedded small fragments from the Berlin Wall demolition in acrylic resin. We have 96"x96" sheets of Plexiglas acrylic in Dubai, Fiberglass in Trinidad, multiwall polycarbonate in Hawaii and Alaska. We work with museums around the country building custom UV filtering vitrines and picture frames. Major banks and retailers have display systems we've designed built. We have plastic on the moon, in space, in submersible watercraft in Fiji, and.. well, you get the picture. Whether on the phone, email, or in person in our showroom, you will be attended to by knowledgeable and courteous staff while you browse the collection of architectural and engineering plastic sheet, rod, tube, shapes, galleries of our past work or downloadable literature.

We are a complete solutions provider for plastics. Our expertise allows us to solve problems for industry and individuals. We have a deep base of suppliers, a large inventory in San Diego, and key distribution centers across the USA. Our production center is filled with CNC Sawing, Drilling, Lasering and Routing of large volume orders. We're the "Go To" company that lives by the motto "When Others Can't - We Can!"

This site is dedicated to serving customers who need quick service and fulfillment of orders for home, office, university, research lab or corporate plant. We make many of the products sold on the site right here in San Diego. We have worked very hard to excel at customer service and process small orders as well as truckloads. Your small order is as important as another's larger order. If we exceed your expectations, we'd be honored to have you do business with us again and again.

Our goal is to make it easy to do business together regardless of your location. We offer a sample program for you to receive large pieces of the type of plastic you are looking for. You can evaluate a 4"x6" piece of that plastic in a variety of thicknesses and colors or styles. You can make the right decision at your location without having to waste time or gasoline searching for the solution that Ridout Plastics most likely already has for you! Please take the time to review our site and if there is anything you don't see or need more information on, please call or email us.

Quick Overview of ePlastics:

Engineering and Architectural Plastics includes Sheet, Rod, Tube, & Shapes of Plexiglass and Lucite acrylic, and a wide variety of engineering plastics including PEEK, Ultem, PTFE, Nylon, Delrin acetal, ABS, Lexan or Hygard polycarbonate in bullet-resistant panels, and Micarta phenolics in sheet, rod and tube (to name a few). We serve a wide range of industries, businesses, and individuals. We stock and sell only the finest quality products for lasting solutions. All materials can be cut and shaped to the customer's exact requirements. Products are exported to customers worldwide.

The Showroom Store, a 3500sf and one-of-a-kind store for the hobbyist, DIY homeowner, and small business owner. The Showroom Store is open 8am-5pm, 5 days a week, for our customer's convenience.

Plastic Fabrication of acrylics and engineering plastics to customer specifications. We work from pencil drawings to blueprints, producing the desired components separately or the complete unit ready for shipment. We can go from prototype to production. The company has invested in state-of-the-art equipment for exacting tolerance control in today's zero-defect environment. From hand-crafted fabrication to full production thermoforming and molding - we do it all - for Industry and Individuals! We have been manufacturing custom brochure holders, comment boxes, acrylic displays and frames since 1945. We are sure you will find that the products seen on the web site will solve many of the requirements around your business.

Remember, if you don't see it, just call, Fax a sketch or photo of what you need to 858-560-1941, or
and attach a PDF, DXF or JPG file for us to review. Got a camera-phone? Draw it on paper, shoot it with your phone, email it to us! You'll find the Customer Service personnel here are knowledgable, courteous and friendly - and will provide solutions to your problems quickly!

Thanks again for visiting our web site and we hope you found value in the information and products displayed. Don't hesitate to email or call in and speak with our staff - our clients range from individuals to national agencies worldwide. We'll take care of you!

E. Rabin, President & CEO

For a different look at the company, you can read my blog. There are so many things happening every day that I started writing about them as they happen (you blink and there's a new job on the floor, you blink again, and it's on a truck getting shipped out) - I hope you find the PlasticGenius Blog and the YouTube channel ePlasticsTV interesting AND educational.

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